KCU Kickers begins this Sunday 15th May 10am-11am at Mazengarb. If it needs to be cancelled due to weather, a notice will be put on the Facebook page about 9am. Content has been added to the KCU Kickers page as to what is required so check it out!


Hireage of clubrooms for private events

Vaccine passes are required to use the Club room for an event. 

Under a Red Light Setting, the maximum number of guests for a private event is 100 based on our floor area including the deck.  There is no requirement for 1m social distancing at a private event, and food may be served in buffet form and drinks may be served from the bar.

Under an Orange Light setting there is no limit to the number of guests.

What type of functions do we host?

KCU hire out our clubrooms on a case by case basis.  We do not hire for 16th, 18th and 21st birthday parties due to the risk to our  Liquor Licence, security and preservation of our clubrooms however we are happy to hire for 30th birthdays up, weddings, funerals, and all in between.  We have also hired out the space for childrens parties, baby showers and for meetings.

During the winter season (April to End of August) we will only hire out a Saturday night if there is no first team game on at Weka Park that Saturday.  During the summer season (October to mid February) we don’t hire out on Friday nights but Saturday nights are available.

While we prefer to run Licensed events we will consider a BYO event.

What facilities do we offer?

The Club offers bar facilities with beer, wine and RTDs along with a range of soft drinks.  The kitchen has a working oven, fryers and some crockery, cutlery and glassware. (This is your responsibility to wash and put away).  Capacity of clubrooms is 120 persons.

Costs to Hire

Club Hire                     $200.00

Cleaning:                     $80.00

Barpersons:                Additional costs apply for Licensed events

How to Hire

Please contact Sharon at events@kcu.co.nz and she will provide you with a booking form to complete