KCU Kickers begins this Sunday 15th May 10am-11am at Mazengarb. If it needs to be cancelled due to weather, a notice will be put on the Facebook page about 9am. Content has been added to the KCU Kickers page as to what is required so check it out!


First Point of Contact:

Ryan Edwards

Email: support@infinityfootball.co.nz

Website: https://www.infinityfootball.co.nz/

Infinity football development programme

Our football development programme runs across the winter season. It is designed to provide players who are passionate about football with more opportunities to train and play in a fun and professional environment. 

The Infinity Football programme offers three winter season programmes:

a) FDP - full programme with 3 contacts (trainings and games) per week at a cost of $400 for the year.

b) Skills centre - 1 contact per week (and also more affordable for parents that want the experience for their kids but can’t afford the bigger cost) $100 for the year

c) Holiday programmes (x4 a year first week of each holidays). $55

Participation in the programme means:

  • If you choose to enter your child into any of these options they will receive training each week as per the programme they are entered into, delivered by Infinity coaches;​ and

  • you will play in a KCU team on Saturdays, led by an Infinity coach.​

The programmes offer:

  • a structured and enjoyable training curriculum, which emphasises fun and long term development;

  • a single, consistent environment that engages and challenges players; and

  • friendly, professional and qualified coaches.​

The programme is for those who want high intensity, competitive training sessions, with highly motivated team-mates and development focussed coaches. You want to learn, have fun and challenge yourself.​

​Our 2022 programme is open to players in grades 9, 10 and 11 in 2022 (i.e. players who turn 9, 10 or 11 in the 2022 calendar year).  We will be expanding to new age groups over time.

programme schedule

​​The following remains in draft, and minor tweaks may be required as we draw closer to the start of the winter season.


  • ​​The training programme runs from Tuesday 26 April to Thursday 8 September 2022.​
  • The Capital Football winter season (i.e. games) starts on Saturday 7 May and finishes Saturday 10 September 2022.​

  • No trainings during the school holidays or on public holidays. ​

Days and Times

  • Trainings are held on Mondays & Thursdays.​

  • 5:15pm - 6:30pm​.​


Trainings are held at Mazengarb Park (on the main field, under the lights beside the pavilion and container).


Players are expected to wear the Infinity training kit (shirt, shorts and socks) to all trainings​​.

You can order the kit on the "gear" page of our website here (available closer to the start of the season).​​

We have a training kit for the programme for a number of reasons:​

  • it provides consistency and builds a sense of team on the training field and between squads;​

  • it sets the scene - players are expected to behave and train according to the Infinity values and rules whenever wearing the kit;​​

  • it makes it easier for coaches to create clearly identifiable teams within training sessions (vs mixed colours); and​​

  • it provides an alternative playing strip if one is required.


  • All players in grades 9, 10 and 11 in 2022 (i.e. players who turn 9, 10 or 11 in the 2022 calendar year) are welcome to register.​

  • We will run a 3-week introduction to the Infinity way, open to all participants that have registered for the programme (free of charge). This 3 week period will include:

    • an introduction night for parents to understand the programme;

    • 3 trainings so players can get a feel for the environment; and

    • a parent induction night for us to meet parents and get sign off on policy for the year.​

  • After the 3-week period players & parents will be asked to decide if they wish to be in the programme. Confirmation of decision needs to be made by Wednesday 16th March​

  • If we do not have capacity for everyone:

    • We will provide entry to players and parents that we believe have best met our development criteria.

    • All players that are not invited into the programme will be placed on a waiting list and offered a place in our Skill Centre.

    • We will attempt to find additional local coaches that wish to follow the Infinity way and create an additional FDP team.​​​

  • We'll be providing those who register their interest a full information pack - covering things like our coaching style, how trainings and game days work, etc.


The cost of each programme is indicated in the above information and is GST inclusive for the full season.  This amount will be invoiced to you once team allocations have been completed, and can be paid in installments.​

Note that this cost is in addition to KCU subs, which help cover club costs and team entry costs.​

Infinity operates as a not for profit charity. Our aim is to keep the cost of our programmes as low as possible to ensure they are accessible to all.  The fee you pay helps to cover the cost of equipment, coach training and to reimburse coaches for the time they spend working with players and other operating expenses. The support of sponsors and community grant funders helps to subsidise these costs.