KCU Kickers begins this Sunday 15th May 10am-11am at Mazengarb. If it needs to be cancelled due to weather, a notice will be put on the Facebook page about 9am. Content has been added to the KCU Kickers page as to what is required so check it out!


Senior registrations

Senior registrations are open using the Registrations link on the Home page.  If you have any problems contact admin@kcu.co.nz for info.

Fees policy

  • Fees are due by 31 March 2022.
  • No player will be permitted to play for the club until they have paid their fees or made arrangements with the Treasurer to pay later.
  • No team kit or equipment will be given to players who are not up to date financially.
  • Late registrations must have paid in full by the end of the month they join.
  • Students must provide proof of enrollment/current student ID and must be in full-time education to qualify for the student discount.

Club culture

Following Saturday and Sunday matches, players and supporters are welcome and encouraged to catch up on the days results and stories at the clubrooms. The bar is open each Saturday and Sunday with hot food available on both days. The clubrooms have a kids playroom and families are welcome.

Home grounds

Senior Teams: Weka Park, Mazengarb and Otaraua Park.

Training grounds

Senior teams: Weka Park, Mazengarb, Otaraua Park, and Paraparaumu Domain.

Kickoff times

Dependent on the weekly draw, please see the Fixtures page for more information.

Senior football training facilities

Facilities Include

  • Floodlights *
  • Clubrooms *
  • Changing rooms *
  • Showers and toilets *
  • Two full size goal posts
  • Four mini goals
  • Nets
  • Footballs and pumps
  • Cones and training hurdles

* require keys

All training equipment is secured in lockup containers and/or changing rooms which require keys to access. If you require access codes and keys please contact the Club Administrator.

Match day team cards and results

All senior teams are to complete official Capital Football team cards prior to game kickoff. Ensure that ONLY registered players are listed on the team card. At completion of the game the card must be counter-signed by an opposition representative and the club notified of the result via text.

If you are the home team you must:

  • Supply nets and flags if applicable to your division
  • Call the result by phone to: Kapiti Coast United clubrooms on (04) 905 7405

Team gear

Kapiti Coast United will supply the following gear and equipment to each senior team:

  • 1 x match ball
  • 4 x warm up balls
  • 1 x playing strip inclusive of shirts and shorts (includes goalkeeper strip)
  • 1 x medical kit
  • 1 x whistle

All gear is signed for by the team manager/organiser who is responsible to return ALL gear at completion of the season.

Some teams will be supplied with additional equipment such as tracksuits and bags as they become available.

Blue socks will be required to be purchased by the players before the start of the season. These must be KCU Royal blue.


Fines will be imposed on teams and individuals as follows:

  • Any fines for violent or abusive behaviour incurred by any player in your team.
  • Fines from Capital Football for failing to send team card in or not phoning in home team result.
  • Behaviour that brings Kapiti Coast United into disrepute.

Team behaviour

A good standard of behaviour is expected of all players before, during and after their matches. Kapiti Coast United reserves the right to fine, ban or expel players who misrepresent the club.

Procedures for reporting match day “incidents”

Any incidents involving Kapiti Coast United players and opposition team players MUST be reported to the Kapiti Coast United club chair NO LATER than the Monday following the match. Reports accepted only by email to the KCU Chair.

Cancellations and Transfers

Check the Fixtures page www.kcu'co.nz/fixtures.

Also remember that 2ZB (1035 MHz) is the official cancellation radio station for senior football. Cancellations and ground transfers are broadcast from 7:00am to 9:00am every half hour then 9:00am to noon every hour.


Q: The opposition team is not ready at kick-off time. How long must we wait?A: All games must kick-off no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time. If the opposition is still not ready at this point you may abandon the match and report to Capital Football who will award your team a 2 nil win. Please note that under certain circumstances the game may need to be replayed.

Q: What do we do if an incident has occurred in the game and the game is abandoned before the final whistle?A: Report the incident to your clubs chair in writing no later than Monday following the match. The chair will ensure that correct procedures are followed and reported to Capital Football.

Q: What happens if our opposition has strips with clashing colours?A: It is the responsibility of the away team to ensure they have a change strip in the case of a colour clash.

Q: What is the minimum requirement of players in a team before a game can kick-off?A: A minimum of 7 players per team must take the field.