KCU Kickers begins this Sunday 15th May 10am-11am at Mazengarb. If it needs to be cancelled due to weather, a notice will be put on the Facebook page about 9am. Content has been added to the KCU Kickers page as to what is required so check it out!


KCU Corinthians

We are the KCU Corinthians.  Just a bunch of guys with glass legs who currently play in the Wellington Masters Division 4.

Started by Roger Gawtry in 2019 for guys that wanted a new challenge. We wanted to create a great team culture and try and play some decent football ....We travel around Wellington playing from Western Suburbs to Stokes Valley trying to represent KCU the best we can.

Contact:  Steve Fry.  stevefry1277@gmail.com

KCU Thirds

The picture was taken several years ago when the KCU Thirds squad was much younger, faster and thinner. Time has not been good to most of us but we still enjoy a trot around the field with the focus on attractive, passing football...and what's in the chillybin.

This season we'll be playing Wellington masters grade: we were sensible enough to realise it was no fun chasing the shadows of 18 & 19 year olds!  

Contact:  Andrew Waterson.  wattersona@stream.school.nz or call Andrew on 021 1780839